Slottsfjell Park

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18 000 kvm


Initial phase

At the foot of Slottsfjellet in Tønsberg, Recreate has ambitions to develop what could be the world's first Paris Proof quarter: An entire commercial quarter that is one hundred percent in line with the Paris Agreement.

The Korten area is located at the entrance to Tønsberg. In Kjelleveien 21 there are three large office buildings with a total area of ​​approximately 18,000 square meters: Vinkelbygget, Parkbygget and Sentralbygget.

In collaboration with Snøhetta, R8 Property has carried out a feasibility study for this area, where existing buildings will be partially rehabilitated and/or demolished. The purpose of the plan is to facilitate offices, hotel, industry and outreach activities at street level that provide life and activity. Slottsfjell Park will be completely in line with the Paris Agreement.

The project is large and ambitious, and we want to create a new urban space with green areas, underground parking and climate-friendly buildings – there will be rehabilitated buildings, as well as a a new Powerhouse of 11,000 square meters. This building will achieve the environmental standard Powerhouse Paris Proof, and produce more energy than it consumes during a life cycle of 60 years. The project will be divided into two or three phases, and the expected start is no earlier than 2023.

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Slottsfjell Park