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R8 Property becomes Recreate

In its twelfth year, R8 Property enters a new era, with a new name and a new visual identity. – Our ambition with Recreate is to gain a more distinct identity and position as a real estate company, says CEO and founder, Emil Eriksrød.

In March, R8 Group changed its name to Rising, and now the real estate company R8 Property's next. This means that the R8 brand will disappear over time. The background for the decision is a need to clarify the individual companies' activities. – R8 has become an ecosystem with different initiatives and a large number of companies in different industries. We've had a rapid growth, and through the years it's been challenging to define our main investments. This has become even more important regarding our listing on Euronext Growth, says Eriksrød.
R8 Management and R8 Home will also be a part of Recreate. – The company structure will still exist as is, but Recreate will be more holistic, as the companies will have the identical company name, says Eriksrød.

Hedda Foss Lilleng og Emil Eriksrød kunne endelig presentere den nye profilen.
Hedda Foss Lilleng og Emil Eriksrød kunne endelig presentere den nye profilen.

The visual identity is made by international renowned Snøhetta Design. Managing director, Hedda Foss Lilleng, explains that the main concept soon was very clear:
– In the beginning of the project, we invited a broad group from R8 to a concept workshop at our offices in Oslo. We truly experienced how this bunch of people think and work together. There was a lot of energy, passion and engagement! When summarizing the day, we found that the collective term for everything we discussed was power. Power in terms of sustainability, relations, power of action, attraction etc. How to create synergies, to move, to get people involved. This was the starting point for defining the concept of Power, as as summary of R8's ambition and a creative springboard, which has permeated everything we've developed in the visual identity.

Recreate and recreation

The name Recreate refers to international ambitions, but first and foremost to a company that is concerned with "recreating".
– Recreate can mean giving new life or energy to something, while the word also gives associations to recreation. Property and people are the core of everything we do, and everything we are. For example, a slightly shaky flower meadow was recreated into Powerhouse Telemark, one of the world's most sustainable buildings. Inkognito Park, which (among other things) is now being "recreated" to a sustainable and high-technological property, says Eriksrød. He continues: – One of the most sustainable things we do, is to take care of existing property rather than building new properties. Also, recreating refers to how we can create a good life in between the buildings; how to achieve good local environments where people want to work and live. Recreation is extra important in this setting, he smiles.