Kammer­herreløkka 5


Kammerherreløkka 5



In Porsgrunn city center, next to the train and bus station, Kammerherreløkka 5 is located. The building opened in April 2019, and is situated in a total renovated area.

Through decades, Kammerherreløkka used to be the transportation hub of Porsgrunn. It still is, but in 2019 the area was totally transformed: The parking lot for buses and taxies is replaced with a modern office building and an iconic hotel, as well as a restaurant and a café. Not to forget, it's established a walkway between these two buildings, direct through the beautiful park and city hall, and down to the river.

Next to Comfort Hotel Porsgrunn, the location of Kammerherreløkka 5 offers everything you'll need as a tenant. The building has large floor to ceiling windows, and the meeting rooms are spacious and welcoming. The large roof terrace has great solar conditions and an extraordinary view of the park. Also, there's an underground indoor parking with 86 parking spaces. Restaurants such as Burglar and Løkka Sandwichbar offers fresh, homemade courses.

Across the road, you will find the recently upgraded park, the library, the culture house Ælvespeilet, Charlie cinema, and the town hall. Kammerherreløkka has become a vibrant quarter and a pleasant gateway for everyone entering the city.

The location is easily accessible with both public and private transportation. The train, bus, and taxi stations are only a few steps away, and the building is closely located to the E18 highway. In the basement there are 86 parking spaces, where you have direct access to both the commercial building, the hotel, and the square.

The building is fully let, but Evolve offers flexible office spaces. Please get in touch with Evolve for more information regarding Kammerherreløkka 5 and their 25 other locations.